Wood Stove Outdoor Model G90 Barbecue

G90 Barbecue

Indirect heat wood burning ovens for outdoors use

Cooking chamber in 18/8 stainless steel (AISI 304) with refractory floor and central grill. The cooking chamber is completely separate from the combustion chamber to avoid food contamination by fumes, ash and toxic gases. Food grade aluminium doors. 12 V electrical system.

The oven is equipped with internal lighting, an oven temperature gauge, timer, air control valve for optimum draught, and fume control valve for optimum temperature maintenance.

Our ovens can reach a temperature of 300° with only 3-4 kg of wood in just 25 minutes.

On request, all models can be equipped with a third shelf, ventilation system, and stainless steel top and side panels. All our ovens are available with or without a trolley. A pizza peel, poker, pans and grills come as standard. Gemignani ovens are guaranteed for 2 years, excluding the refractory slabs and electrical parts subject to normal wear.

All our indoor and wall ovens can be installed in utility rooms, attic rooms and kitchens, with any kind of wall covering, provided the fume outlet is connected to a flue.

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  • 125

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  • 94

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