Pressa Ercole type 2 inox V

Type 2 INOX V

Hydraulic press Ercole

The vertical GEMIGNANI hydraulic press on wheels, “ERCOLE” type 2 INOX V, is a technologically advanced solution based on age-old traditions. Completely constructed in steel. Chrome plated steel piston with a stroke sufficient for pressing the mare in one single passage. Automatic, centralised electric panel. Gauge with micro-contacts, adjustable to the required pressure levels.

Drive with single or three phase motor. Hydraulic system with non-toxic oil.

Available in a version with one removable cage and trolley or with two cages and two trolleys. Pressing plate, cage rings, cage support plate with tap diam. 50, trolley, tracks for cage centring, disk on frame in STAINLESS STEEL.

Two speed manual control unit with external motor. Cage staves and bottom drainage staves in wood .

Upon request, the press can be supplied with:

– Cage staves and bottom drainage staves in polyethylene for greater hygiene and easy cleaning.

– Central drainage in stainless steel.

– PLC controlled electric panel for setting the various programs, with traditional and delicate pressing cycles. These programs can be adapted based on the needs of the operator, who can vary the pressing times, pressure and piston descent speed.

– ATEX certification.

  • 80x95

  • 5

  • 130

  • 1,5

  • da 0-350

  • 793

  • 998

  • 1750x1300x2450h

  • Cage staves in polyethylene
    PLC controlled electric panel
    ATEX certification press