From 1935

F.lli Gemignani boasts a history of over 70 years in the production of wine-making machines. Over the years the company has developed innovative techniques to manufacture state-of-the-art machines. More than 20 years ago we started to produce also food processing machines, electrical ovens and wood ovens for indoor and outdoor use. Our products are on the major European and non-European markets.

Reliability from experience

Over seventy years of experience in the production of wine making machines and more than twenty years in the manufacturing of food processing machines and wood ovens for indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to its unique know-how F.lli Gemignani has become a major player in the most important European and international markets.

Care for details

A seamless investigation of production technologies, an utmost care for the best materials and an obsession for the slightest detail: these are the ingredients used by F.lli Gemignani to obtain a perfect manufacturing process and excellent finishes.

Passion for innovation

Thanks to its highly-skilled staff and to the use of cutting-edge technologies F.lli Gemignani offers innovative, functional solutions tailored to the requirements of its qualified customers.